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Made with fit in mind for femmes with a long torso.  Hell no to camel toe!

Fully adjustable strap length Criss crosses on the back,  wide leg with lot of room for bootie.   Deep pockets in the perfect place.  Pair with a tank top, long sleeve, our mock crop top or nothing at all.  Nylon zipper & adjustable sash closure.  Perfectly transitions in to the changing seasons and loves to travel.

Made from deadstock Indigo dyed tencel.  Light weight and a little stiffer than the other fabrics.  Softens with wash.

Chest        High waist    Hips
XS            32″            24”-26”         30-34″
S               34″            26”-28”         32-36″
M             36″             28”-32”        34-40″
L              38″             30”-34”        36-42″
XL           40″             32″-38″        38-44″
XXL        42″             36″-40″        40-46″
3XL         45″            38”-44”         42-50″

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