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The SHE DREAMS OF SEASHELLS Hair Couture – Seashells for Hair

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Uniquely handcrafted INDAH hair accessories for divine elegance featuring shell and precious pearls.

Enhance your luscious locks with our sustainable and handcrafted INDAH signature hair jewelry – the ultimate hair couture for special events, photoshoots or the red carpet. Shell enhances your intuition and promotes peace. Furthermore, shell clears the mind for better decision-making by giving mental clarity. Pearl is used to tap into your inner wisdom as they nurture your aura with love and enhance your integrity.

She Dreams Of Seashells Hair Couture will have you feeling unique and radiantly beautiful with this jewelry with a cause. INDAH’s signature hair couture will bring a classic approach to any outfit. This piece can be styled in any up style or on the side of their hair for an old Hollywood glam look. We have even seen gentlemen our hair couture as a pocket piece in their suit or tuxedo jackets.

All of INDAH’s designs are crafted from high-quality, durable, and long-lasting sustainable material. She Dreams Of Seashells Hair Couture is a wonderful choice for your wedding ceremony or special occasion.

INDAH means beautiful in Bahasa Indonesian.

The World Of INDAH is honoured to provide you with uniquely handcrafted designs by our talented team of artisans who are located in a small village in Indonesia. The location of our factory allows our artisans to provide for their families while still being close to home.

INDAH’s designs are composed of recycled metals featuring precious gemstones, and they are all dipped in 24k gold or genuine silver. Through the use of ancient techniques & traditional tools, our goal is to share this fascinating culture and ritual with the world. Each piece is carefully designed by Coco Effendi with the intention to empower you, balance your chakras, and to help you align with your higher self. Our designs are blessed in a traditional Indonesian ceremony to bring the wearer blessings of abundance and positive energy.

A portion from all of our sales goes toward Bali Children Foundation ®, Angel Of Paws Bali Animal Rescue ®, and a new tree is planted with Sprout ® for each online purchase. Your purchase is helping us make a positive impact on the planet.


First of all, calm down the mind. Secondly, take a moment in silence and set your intentions when you first put your INDAH gems to set in motion their healing powers.


SHE DREAMS OF SEASHELLS Hair Couture will have you feeling elegant whether you wear it on the side of your hair or in any up style. We adore this gem when paired with our SHAKTI Pearl Studs, the DIVINE GODDESS Ring, the TIGA Ring, the PEROLA Bangle, the PEROLA Necklace or the BESAR Necklace.


Clip Length – 8cm

Width – 6cm

Full measurements of spreadable pearls: up to 11 cm H x 14 cm W


To ensure a long life for your precious INDAH gems, store your She Dreams Of Seashells Hair Couture in your velvet pouch and avoid direct contact with water or chemicals. Please visit our care guide for more details.

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