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Quick drying sand free beach towel

✓ 100% recycled with zero nylon.
✓ better than cotton.
✓ better than virgin polyester.

Ditch the sand and embrace serious sustainability with our sand free beach towels.

They’re not just better for the planet – they deliver better performance that you’ll love!

  • Full Sized: 160x80cm

  • Seriously Sustainable: Digitally printed (no dyes here!), crafted entirely from recycled plastic – NO nylon/polyamide!

  • Sand Free Weave: Customised ‘waffle’ style weave that repels sand with a shake

  • Premium, Thicker Materials: Material weight of over 400gsm absorbs even more than other waffle-style towels!

  • Quick Drying: Super absorbent & rapid drying weave. Up to 4x more absorbent & quicker drying than cotton towels!

  • Rapid Dry Side: Darker pigment reverse-side that accelerates drying time – perfect to hit the waves again or explore even further.

  • Softer, Every Time: With every use & wash, your sustainable beach towel gets even softer. They’re heat-treated to minimise micro-plastic impact, too.

  • Compact & Bag-Friendly Design: Folds up neatly, saving precious space in your beach bag or backpack.

  • Durable Design: Double-stitched seams ensure your towel withstands countless beach days & washes.

Our vibrant & unique designs add a touch of personality to your beach look, & showcase your commitment to sustainability.

Up your towel game today!

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