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Perfume and Body Oil Set

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This set includes: 1 x Body Oil 200ml 1 x Inspired EDP Fragrance 30ml Choose your Fragrance

Perfume and Body Oil Set

Perfume and Body Oil Set includes:

Inspired Fragrance Body Oil 200ml

Inspired EDP Fragrance 30ml

This is a great way to get your favourite fragrance in all your Jax products of your choice.

Know our Fragrance’s

Inspired Body Moisturising Oils

These oils are non-greasy and quick drying body moisturising Oils.

A unique way to wear your fragrance, this alcohol-free formula, A blend of natural oils to repair the skin & lock in moisture. Our oils are high in omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, soothe, reduce inflammation & increase skin hydration. Ideal for all skin types even the most sensitive skin. This oil can also help with stretch marks and can be used to prevent stretch marks.
Scented with Eau De Perfume using Jax bespoke formula this magnificent oil is perfect for layering or to use for all-over intense scent.

Perfume Intense Fragrance EDP

Our Intense Fragrance EDP are high concentration and are stronger than the common eau de perfume. Our Intense Fragrance EDP will last longer.


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