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Inner Essentials – Skin + Gut Renew Powder

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Inner Essentials Skin + Gut Renew is a comprehensive naturopathic formula containing a combination of nutrients, along with herbs traditionally used in Western herbal medicine designed to support healthy gastrointestinal immune function and skin health.

This gut powder is designed for you if your gut is feeling out of balance.

It may assist you if you suffer from bloating, indigestion or experience sluggish digestion.
If you feel your skin health is compromised due to an imbalance in your gut, this supplement may also assist.

Key Actives

Protease: is an enzyme known for its ability to support digestion. It may maintain and support healthy digestive system function and may assist in the digestion of protein.
L-Glutamine: is the most abundant amino acid in the body. It can work to support the gut microbiome and gut mucosal wall integrity. It has been used in this formula to maintain and support healthy gastrointestinal immune function.
Vitamin C: is a key skin nutrient. It has the following key actions: supports skin health and collagen formation; maintains and supports a healthy immune system; assists connective tissue production; prevents dietary (Vitamin C) deficiency; supports connective tissue health; and supports wound healing.

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