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Devine Essentials 7 Piece Brush Set

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Need an everyday, essential set of brushes for your daily makeup look? This 7 Piece Brush Set has been designed and customized with the most popular brushes for your makeup kit. You can use these brushes to create your everyday, basic makeup looks and this 7 Piece Brush Set includes a brush wrap to conveniently travel with all the brushes you love! Look no further for your most essential brush set, it’s here.


Set includes: Diamond Powder Brush, Fluff Shading Brush, Lip Brush, Lux Brow Combo, Pro Blend Brush, Sculpt Blush Brush, Slanted Liner
Long handle brushes for easy use
Quality brush bristle
Ideal for personal and travel use


Diamond Powder Brush: Fluffy top to apply face powders
Fluff Shading Brush: Soft bristles to apply and blend eyeshadows
Lip Brush: Firm bristles to apply accurate lip products
Lux Brow Combo: Multi-purpose comb and brow brush
Pro Blend Brush: Blend eyeshadows and soft powders
Sculpt Blush Brush: Dense bristles to apply contour products
Slanted Liner: Accurate bristles to apply lip or eye products

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